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Team Building Activities

Tie a unified knot within your corporate associates through our innovative facilities and services, an ideal place for enjoying interactive activities.

We provide a range of team building activities for the corporate needs of a united workforce; visit Osara, situated near Pune and at a manageable drive from Mumbai. Experience the mingling and togetherness and directly translate it to team-effectiveness and creativity.

A team which plays well also works well! Refresh and get energized with the vitality of the various games and activities.

We offer a variety of channels to motivate individuals, boost unity, and re-enforce relationships in the world of corporate.Improve leadership skills, and find out team’s strengths and weaknesses, inculcate the feeling of belonging and a lot more……..Have you ever been a part of a rope-pulling? A test of capacity for some, but it actually works as an excellent team builder and does wonders for team spirit.We, at Osara not only facilitate outdoor tasks but also offer the required indoor activity mash-up for your group.

Osara creates an amusing and entertaining bridge to bring out the best in your team members to accelerate your on-going projects through our facility. Also, enjoy delicious meals and snacks from our outdoor kitchen with aromatic earthen essence!

Along with team building games, we assist our clients to conduct varied traditional games; the same fun-filled re-creative tasks that helped us develop our character and inter personal communication along with team building basics. Remember Lagori? Excel in re-arranging the pile of stones and win points for your team, a sure shot activity to reveal the manners in which an individual responds under pressure. Indulge in this and many other traditional sports which work to re-identify the various qualities in the team-members as well as nourish the overall team strength.

A short break in the schedule revives the team to bounce back with renewed spirit and vigor.

Get re-introduced to our best ally nature while you Avail the team building activities near Pune or Mumbai with Osara, a place full of calm and serene beauty.

Get a complete package of team building activities and rural richness together with nature’s unrevealed elegance for making your corporate trip memorable.

Call us to make arrangements for your requirements.

*Osara Agri tourism is located in the vicinity of Pune, Mumbai and Nasik.

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If there are any other arrangements like scheduled tasks, sports or adventures, let us know ….that way we can write about the exact offerings and their advantages….

The below example has been taken from a typical resort which offers team building activities. We can take such a format and highlight the required points.

Under Fire - 3 hour program

During Under Fire, team members must seek out a variety of check points that are assigned different values determined by ease of access, distance and difficulty, while racing against the clock. Planning and communication are vital for success. Teams learn the skills necessary to use a GPS unit and locate specific locations around the resort property. While completing the GPS course, each team collects the tools necessary to build a small fire using flint and steel. In order to successfully start a fire a team must utilize every piece retrieved and the natural skills of each team member. If one element is under used or missing, success can be near impossible to achieve.