Picnic Spots near Junnar, Bhimashankar, Lenyadri, Ozar, Malshej Ghat, Naneghat

About Junnar

Glimpse into our historical wealth....... Welcome to Junnar!!

Junnar, one of the most popular tourist spots, is located in Pune District of Maharashtra. Famous for historical, mythological and religious descent, it presents a mix of ancient monuments like old temples, magnificent forts and mystifying caves which are the attractive picnic spots for travel lovers. Pay a visit to the archaic Junnar caves known for their characteristic pristine appeal - the Manmodi Hill, the Ganesh Lena and the Tulija Lena Groups.

Located in Sahayadri Mountain range, Junnar is around 94 km from the north of Pune and approximately 100 km away from Mumbai. It is elevated at a height of 2260 feet above sea level and situated close to Shivneri Fort. The fort holds a special historical significance as Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle- the eminent Maratha King and warrior was born and brought up here.

Sway to the refreshing breeze, the soothing weather and watch your fears and stress vanish in thin air

Junnar enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year with three prominent seasons - monsoon, summer and winter. The place is blessed with moderate rainfall and transforms in to a green picturesque hideaway in the monsoon months. Summers are warm while winters are fresh, cool and gratifying. Travel to Junnar in the months from October to March to revel in angel’s own paradise.

Narayangaon is a part of Junnar Taluka , at around 16 km from the place and Osara Agri Tourism, is located in the near vicinity of the town. The farm house resort is close to many fascinating picnic spots in and around Junnar, like the famous locales of Bhimashankar, Lenyadri, Ozar, Malshej ghat and, Naneghat .

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