Agri Tourism

Tired of your routine life? Take a break and respond to the nature’s vibrancy.

Osara, An agri tourism place near Mumbai-and-Pune will take you to new picturesque world away from the city’s hectic life and chaos.

Wake up to see a blooming morning, enjoy the sweet chirping of birds, play with splatters of water or, dance around a bonfire under a star-filled sky, it’s your choice! Feel the untouched beauty of nature…..

Agri Tourism is an innovative concept, which brings us close to our incredible ecosystem.

It reminds us of our roots, and takes us back to our childhood memories, all in the fresh, green and natural environment.

The pleasures may sound simple at first, but are hard to find in today’s busy schedules. Unending traffic, pollution, and work pressures have dominated our generation, full of smart phones, mobiles and laptops. Our life misses the real bliss and needs a small break.

The concept of agri tourism gives us a peaceful relief from city’s high-paced lifestyle, while it grants a good chance to our youngsters to learn about the rural life, instead of just reading or watching it on TV.

Do you still cherish the days when Vitti-Dandu, Lagori and other games used to be an important part of your life? Come, play them in our open spaces and lose yourself to the care-free times.

Osara Agri Tourism presents a well-managed farm house resort in Narayangaon, Pune district, with a nearness to major cities like Pune, Mumbai and Nasik. It is a perfect destination for those who want to spend their vacations in a green and fresh environment. Nature-and-agriculture-rich places are well-appreciated as they fill the gap between the rural and urban life.

  • Begins at …….
  • Time schedule
  • Amenities offered
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Horse- riding
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Organic farming
  • Vegetable-fruit plucking
  • Indoor games-cards, chess, Table-tennis, Snooker, Carom Board, Snake Ladder,
  • Outdoor games-Rings and Dishes, Slides, Swings, Vittidandu, lagori
  • Ozar-10 km
  • Bhimashankar-70km
  • Lenyadri-20km
  • Shivneri Fort-19km
  • Harishchandra Fort-84km
  • Chavand Fort-45km
  • Malshej Ghat-43 km
  • Naneghat-43 km
  • Kukdeshwar-
  • NearbyDams: Dimbe, Yedgaon, Manikdoha, Vadaj, Chilhewadi
  • Bullock cart rides
  • Cycle rides
  • Forest Safari and BBQ
  • Jagran-gondhal
  • Camp fire facility
  • Chulivarchejevan(Food cooked and served using Traditional means)

Enjoy jagran-gondhal (a ritualistic folk), taste rural food, play team building games or simply relax, the place is all yours!

Our services go that extra mile to meet your expectations and be ready with new inputs, each time.Have you ever felt the jerks of bullock cart ferry, recently?Enjoy the farms complete with horse-riding,open space cycling and many more first-time experiences.

Plan your vacations with your extended family; don’t miss the fun…..only at Osara AgriTourism.

Unwind and rejuvenate yourself in the nature’s lap with a wonderful collection of memories!!

Feel free to contact us for further details

*Osara Agri tourism is located in the vicinity of Pune, Mumbai and Nasik.

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